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What is RewardTV?

RewardTV is a free TV trivia site that awards cash and prizes.


Is RewardTV free?

Yes! RewardTV covers the cost of all prizes, as well as shipping and handling. You are only responsible for the taxes on a prize if the approximate retail value of the prize is $600 or more. Please note that you can only win points and sweepstakes on the mobile site. For additional rewards please visit


How do I join RewardTV?

Joining is easy and free! Once you join, we will send you an email with information on how to Claim your Sweepstakes entries. Please visit http:/ to join.


How do I play on my mobile?

Each day, RewardTV creates over 100 new TV Trivia Games for shows that aired yesterday. Here’s how RewardTV works:

Step 1 - Watch your favorite TV shows.

Step 2 - Visit and select the shows you watched yesterday.

Step 3 - Earn Points by playing TV Trivia Games for each of the shows you selected.

Mobile experience:

Log in to RewardTV Mobile and click on the show(s) you watched last night.
To start playing trivia games, either click on Play Now on the upper right hand corner or scroll all the way down and click on Queue.
Once in the Queue, select the trivia game for the show you would like to play first. You will be asked if you would like to Play or Remove the show. Select Play and begin!


How do I win prizes?

There are several ways to win:

On mobile phone:

$10,000 Sweepstakes: Each day you play a Trivia game, you’ll receive an entry into our $10,000 Sweepstakes.

$1,000 "Second Game" Sweeps: Each day you play a 2nd Trivia game, youll be entered into our $1,000 "Second Game" Sweepstakes.

In addition:

Pay for My Stuff Sweepstakes: Use your Points to enter for a chance to win prizes. Note you can use your Points for up to 3 entries per day.

Auctions: Use your Points to bid on prizes.

Shopping Sprees: Twice a week, redeem your Points for gift certificates to selected merchants.

Bonus Surveys: By taking certain Bonus Surveys, you will receive an entry for a chance to win prizes.


How do I verify my email address?

You verify your email (i.e. claim your Sweepstakes entries) by clicking the link in the email we sent you upon joining RewardTV.


Why can't I get into RewardTV?

You won’t be able to enter the site if you don’t verify your email (i.e. claim your Sweepstakes entries) by your 4th visit to RewardTV. You must verify your email address to continue playing.


Don't see what you need help with?

Please check out our full set of FAQS by visiting our site from your computer.


How do I edit my account information?

You will need to visit the My Account section from your computer and click on the View or Edit Your Member Profile link.

Before you can view or change your Member Profile, you will need to login again.

On this page, you can:

• change your password

• change your email address (you will be required to confirm your new email address)

• change your home address and phone number

• subscribe to the RewardTV newsletter and special offers

• select whether you would like to be notified by email if you are outbid on an auction

• change your connection speed

Please note that this area of the My Account section is not available on your mobile.


What are points and how do I earn them?

Points are the currency of RewardTV. Use Points to buy entries to our Sweepstakes, bid on prizes in our Auctions, or buy gift certificates to selected merchants in our Shopping Sprees. Points are not transferable, substitutable for, or convertible into United States dollars nor the legal tender or currency of any other nation, state, or political entity.

You can earn Points by playing RewardTV Games.

To use your earned points you will need to visit the site from your computer


What if I'm having technical issues?

Please visit Describe your issue and please mention that it happened on your mobile phone.


What mobile phones do you support?

jQuery Mobile is working to support all mobile browsers. Please go to more information.